Its better to burn out…then fade away.

Yep, you guessed it–already showing my love of hairband 80’s music with that title. 3 years into this adventure company business and some days I feel like I am burned out and others I would love to just fade away. You feel me?

It was just 3 years ago I began this crazy journey of attempting to own a adventure company. Yep, I was not “going to take it anymore” from the company I was working for. I always felt like I could never get anywhere but where I was. I was done. By done- I meant scraping together the money to buy liability insurance, legit permitting, an LLC and purusing my own damn thing….my way. Keeping my personal joy alive. Guiding people on 2 feet or 2 wheels was something that made my heart smile. I loved every single tour I had done, was going to do and still do to this day. As you can see hugging a cactus is swanky, trendy and a must do while out with my team #hugacactus.

Hugging a cactus is something I have done for years. It is something everyone loves and smiles about. #hugacactus

These are my tales. The stories I have told over moscow mules, the stories I have attempted to drown out with moscow mules and a shot of fireball once in awhile never hurt anyone. Who does not love a shot of fireball?

Wild Bunch Desert Guides came to be in 2016. Get ready to laugh with me, cry with me, ask yourself “What the fuck?” “Are you kidding me?” “That really happened?” Every single day in business I can answer each of those questions. You would not believe what goes on behind the adventures.

Get those moscow mules or whatever you fancy ready. I am going to take you on a RAW, uncensored, honest adventure that will make you wish you had this much fun owning a boutique, private hiking and mountain bike adventure company. “It is better to be WILD than BORING.”